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I'm grateful it's Wednesday already. My sleep has been pretty bad of late, so a shorter workweek is about what I can handle.

     One side-effect of the poor sleep appears to be my sense of focus dissolving. Instead of working just on 'Vigil' as I should be, I wandered off course and wrote the beginning section of my essay about the 'Use and Training of Power Among the Races.' Not displeased, though, because getting something started is the hardest part for me, and now it will be much easier for me to continue writing the essay, hopefully at a more appropriate time!

     Also feels nice to have my PPP1 entry finished and up (sorry about the daunting length) after having similar struggles with focus and motivation. Well, almost done--Beth, I'm adding some flower photos now. =) I was getting too impatient with how long it all was taking me last evening, since I wanted time for writing too!
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