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Three for Wednesday:

     Gratitude of the day: fans! Fans are wonderful, wonderful things.

     Delight of the day: readers! Specifically, Beth starting in on book 2 as well. They're both going to be the best motivation to stay on task with book 3 editing in June.

     Excitement of the day: a new 15th anniversary essay idea. I'm quite excited about this one--it probably won't be long for reading, but it's going to take me a bit of work. Still, it will be work I'm glad for, as I'll be trying to dredge up stuff I've essentially forgotten. Getting it down in text will ward against it being forgotten for good. Current idea for the essay title: 'What was I thinking?!' It will be fun laughing at myself over the crazy plot ideas I've abandoned in the last 15 years. =)
Tags: book 2: readers, essays: anniversary
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