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Nice turn of events today. I went to the library to pick up my next non-fiction book that I'd requested. Since I was just driving all the way out there only for that, I decided to browse through the library's VCR collection as well. Went down the rows and looked at the short shelves on one side without anything really grabbing my attention besides videos I already owned--nothing on my 'want to see' list, anyway. Got to the end and realized I'd missed a side shelf on the far side--the 'W's. Looked over that and started to walk away, when I realized I'd also missed a side shelf with the 'I's. Mostly for a sense of completion, I stepped over and skimmed the titles quickly--when what should jump out at me but 'Into the West.'

     That's a title on my list that's been there for a while and I hadn't succeeded in finding at the rental places. And now I was able to check it out for free!

     Gorgeous movie, especially for any horse lovers. Whatever animal(s) they had play the part of the magic horse was just fabulous. Gorgeous! Fascinating tale, too. Got me to bust out laughing twice, which is good for me. Now I've got horses on the brain...

     Passed the halfway mark in my book 2 verbal read-through, AND finally finished Becca's gift dialogue. A good day.
Tags: book 2: editing, gift dialogues, movies
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