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I believe I mentioned putting up eBay auctions earlier this week. Anyway, I did four for me and one for my mom, and they all ended Friday. And best of all--everyone paid within twelve hours and I was able to mail all of them off this morning! What a treat to get it done so quickly. A real blessing!

     Last evening was gorgeous. I think I'd just gotten off the phone with my mom last when I noticed a huge rainbow--a full arch, if a little faint in places. That was exquisite--my first rainbow for 2008. It was just wonderful working through verbal edits and leaning forward from time to time to see and savor it, and all the back-lit shades of the sky around it. Lovely.

     Crammed it down yesterday and today and got through all the book 4 verbal edits to get chapters 18-24 ready for the ARG! Whee! Feels so good to be done.

     It's been a wonderfully productive weekend so far, even if my head is spinning with all the stuff I've been researching about digital cameras for myself and my mom. Off to treat myself out to a movie shortly; have a great last day of May, everybody!
Tags: book 4: editing, rainbows
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