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     The blessing of seeing a rainbow, not just one evening, but two evenings in a row! Friday night, and then Saturday night. Saturday's was not so high, but it was gorgeous to watch, and flared out beyond the usual color span for a little bit. I stood in the cat room with my nose to the window and just enjoyed it, while rain flashed down through the sunlight like shards of crystal. Gorgeous!

     I am also grateful for tornado alarms, since shortly after Saturday's rainbow, they went off. I'm grateful I live in a place where I can hear them, and grateful to have them, since my own tornado '6th sense' wasn't at all disturbed on Saturday. It was both amusing and relieving to hear the newscasters trying to calm us down, as everybody was still on edge after what happened in Hugo six days earlier.

     I'm very glad to have finished 'Vigil' at last on Sunday evening. At 17,000 words, it comes in as a rather long short story, but thankfully not a novella.

     And since I was late in crossing the finish line with 'Vigil' Sunday evening, I saved my junk food celebration binge for tonight, over a movie. YIPPEE!
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