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Coincidentally, tornado sirens in St. Paul went off accidentally at about 8:30 Thursday morning, according to police.

Authorities in the city were running a test and accidentally activated the alarms, according to a spokesperson for Mayor Chris Coleman.

     That clip from a news story sums up our fun at work this morning--first the alarms going off at 8:30, then us levitating out of our chairs at 9:00 when the company announcement informed us of the accident. It was my first time hearing a message over the speakers since moving to the new building--that thing is LOUD!

     As well as being grateful the alarms were a mistake, I'm also glad for my reports progress this week. I am over the hump, got what I need to finish quarterly reports on time, and am determined not to think of what's awaiting me with mid-year stuff next month.

     Glad the severe storms forecasted got delayed to the late afternoon/evening, since I'd been worried and was pondering leaving the poor cats shut up in the bathroom all day. Thankfully, I didn't have to, and they got to enjoy their comparative freedom.

     And the storms did come (and aren't done yet) but no hail or tornado alarms, new pump for bailing the closet works loverly well! Yay for pumps!

     Also very glad to have finished my thorough editing/tweaking run of 'Vigil.' Now I can set it aside for a bit until I review it prior to putting it up. Nice to have that off the list!
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